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With more than ten years in private practice, Allison is well-versed in working with clients who wish to resolve their matters amicably, including through mediation.

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Allison focuses her practice on all areas of matrimonial and family law. She regularly represents clients in divorce, custody, support, modification and contempt proceedings, and also has experience representing clients in adoption, guardianship of minors and grandparent visitation cases. She has significant experience representing clients who are involved with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF).


Divorce is one of the most difficult things one can face in his or her lifetime.

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Child Custody

Any divorce case in which the parties have children will necessarily require a determination as to whether the parties will share custody of the children or whether one or the other will have primary custody.

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Child Support

Child support is a key component of any divorce case involving children.

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Oftentimes, court orders regarding child custody, parenting time, child support and the like enter when children are very young.

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What our clients say

Client Testimonials

As divorce is an emotional roller coaster, it was nice to have Allison as an attorney to walk me through the process. She is thorough, hardworking, and efficient. She always responds to questions and concerns in a timely manner and that was very important to me. She was able to exhibit professionalism and care in my case.

- K.S

What our clients say

Client Testimonials

Allison had my best interests in mind throughout the entire process. She was also not afraid to say what I didn’t want to hear. On a lighter note, she talks really fast and has a great sense of humor! I would recommend Allison to any one of my friends who needs help with any aspect of family law. It’s incredibly personal, and she was fantastic.

- Karen Luther